高考英语一轮复习课时知能训练:必修二 Unit 4 Wildlife protect

高考英语一轮复习课时知能训练:必修二 Unit 4 Wildlife protectionⅠ.阅读理解Some of the planet's most precious animals and plants are disappearing,according to the World Conservation Union (IUCN).The group,which is based in Switzerland,works with governments and experts to protect threatened species.On September 12,2008,the IUCN released its Red List,a list of species at the greatest risk of extinction.In other words,these species are on the way of dying out.The list includes 41,415 animals and plants.And in the list,the IUCN says that habitat destruction hunting and other factors threaten one in four mammals and one in eight birds,which is really bad news for the future of wild animals.Who is to blame?Scientists believe that 99 percent of threatened species are at risk because of human activity.“We are losing animals and plants at a high rate,”says Julia Marton­LefEevre,director general of the IUCN.“We need to change our behavior.”Warmer oceans and over­fishing are affecting sea life.This year for the first time corals made their appearance on the list.The gharial,a crocodile living in India and Nepal,has lost almost 60 percent of its population in the last 10 years.It is a victim of habitat destruction.What a pity!Still,the news is not all bad.Thanks to efforts made to protect it,the Mauritius echo parakeet,a bird once endangered,has seen an increase in its population.“This shows that protection methods can work,”says Marton­LefEevre.“That's the message we want to send to young people.”And now the UN calls on every country in the world to take measures to protect wildlife.They should protect the environment on the one hand,and at the same time fight against poachers and ensure the safety of those animals which are in danger.1.What is the main idea of the first two paragraphs?A.The IUCN sets up its base in Switzerland.B.Some animals and plants are in danger.C.How the 2008 Red List was made by the IUCN.D.Governments and experts are protecting animals.【解析】段落大意题。通读前两段可知,文章的第一句“Some of the planet's most precious animals and plants are disappearing,according to the World Conservation Union (IUCN).”就是这两段的中心句。由此可知前两段主要谈论的是:一些动植物正处于濒临灭绝的状态。【答案】B2.We know from the 2008 Red List that ________.A.the situation of mammals is more serious than birdsB.the number of birds has increased dramaticallyC.it hasn't shown the reason for the dying out of animalsD.41,415 animals are on the way of dying out【解析】推理判断题。根据文章第二段中的“...the IUCN says that habitat destruction,hunting and other factors threaten one in four mammals and one in eight birds...”可推知,哺乳动物的情况更严峻。【答案】A3.What is the tone of the passage?A.Embarrassing.B.Relaxing.C.Fascinating.  D.Worrying.【解析】推理判断题。根据文章第二段中“...which is really bad news for the future of wild animals.”和第三段中的“What a pity!”可推出答案。【答案】D4.Julia Marton­LefEevre thinks that ________.A.Human beings are partly responsible for the dying out of speciesB.corals will become the No.1 on the Red ListC.people should stop destroying the living areas of animals and plantsD.more than half of the crocodiles are now living in India【解析】细节理解题。根据倒数第二段中Julia Marton­LefEevre的话“We need to change our behavior.”可知答案。【答案】C5.What can we infer from the last paragraph?A.The Mauritius echo parakeet is on the way of dying out.B.Measures of protection have been making a difference.C.Young people don't know how to protect wild species.D.Most wild animals are killed by poachers.【解析】细节理解题。根据文章最后一段中的“Thanks to efforts made to protect it,the Mauritius echo parakeet,a bird once endangered,has seen an increase in its population.‘This shows that protection methods can work,’ says Marton­LefEevre.”可知,保护措施正在产生作用。【答案】BⅡ.信息匹配请阅读下列DVD碟片的封面及提示性文字,并按照要求匹配信息。ADora's Christmas Carol Adventure is a movie that teaches cognitive thinking and the true meaning of Christmas spirit.BLet's Explore collects together classic Nick Jr.Dora episodes that teach preschoolers problem­solving skills.CDiego's Halloween features a HalloweenDiegoepisode teaching problem­solving skills,Halloween customs,and facts about the South American fruit bat.DDiego Saves Christmas features a Christmas Diego episode that teaches something about animal homes and attributes,focusing on facts about llamas.EPerfect Pumpkin is a preschool Halloween video featuring episodes about Halloween celebrations,Halloween customs,and Halloween traditions.FBirthday Boogie contains episodes of thepopular educational preschool show that teaches something about birthdays,pretend plays,talents and ways to ride.以下是这些DVD碟片的内容简介。请匹配简介及其对应的DVD封面和提示性文字。1.This DVD comes with four episodes of the popular,musical,and brightly colored children's educational show,each featuring a different preschool concept.In one of the episodes,Brobee is sad because he thinks everyone has forgotten his special day,but actually the other characters are working hard on a surprise party for him.In another episode,characters use dressing­up to play different roles and make up pretend stories.2.Parents searching for family­friendly Christmas specials for preschoolers can try this DVD.By travelling to the past and future,the main character,a lovely girl,tries to teach Swiper not to steal things so that he will not be on Santa Claus' naughty list anymore.During her travels,she encourages preschool viewers to be active and helps them practice learning skills such as using clues to answer riddles,spotting hidden objects in a picture,and doing simple math.In a word,this DVD teaches kids simple skills and true spirit of Christmas.3.This DVD presents how the main character and his friends and family at the Animal Rescue Center celebrate Christmas,and teaches children about where animals live and some animal characteristic.Kids can watch this episode to get into the holiday spirit while also learning new facts about llamas and how these South American animals can help people work.The concrete examples provided in this DVD will help kids remember this new information.4.This DVD will teach children skills to deal with problems in real life including map reading skills,and how to arrange events,in which children can learn about equipment used for exploring space,such as the Milky Way.This DVD shares themes of exploration and rescue.The puzzles and problems presented in each episode cover a range of skills and information and will teach kids many new abilities and knowledge.5.This is a pretty educational video which will appeal to parents who'd like their children to develop learning skills while enjoying Halloween fun.It teaches children about the characteristics of a kind of South American animal.Also,it teaches typical Halloween customs like wearing Halloween costumes and the concept of trick­or­treat,as well as familiar Halloween symbols.When watching this DVD,kids must use Spanish terms and several skills to answer the questions asked by the characters.